Big Creek Ranches

Due to a rigid and a complex array of regulatory requirements posed by both Federal & State agencies, poor infrastructure and poor livestock control, this project experienced long-term declines in range condition and productivity, with negative ancillary effects extending to a number of wildlife species.

After a detailed analysis of historical data & current conditions, we were able to identify the root causes of the problems.  We were able to define clear goals in terms of desired future conditions for each resource and developed a long-term rest-rotation grazing proposal across private, federal and state land boundaries to address the ecological needs of the region as a whole.

The result?  A cooperative management approach among private, federal and state land managers that set a new paradigm for western range management.

We decided to look at the issue ecologically, disregarding property lines and regulatory hurdles, and simply asked: “what if?”

That approach led us to assessments of other resources including watershed, soils, wildlife and fisheries.

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